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About the Company

Since 1992 the Prague based firm group Lettenmayer & Partner in Prague – Jirny has been investing into industrial plots of land suitable for establishment of scientific-technological parks, shopping & services centers, firm seats, outlet centers, office development projects, e-shops, logistic parks, hotels − motels, industrial production zones, residential development projects and leisure activities in the Czech Republic. It is a member of the Czech-German chamber of commerce and industry.

Hermann Heinrich Lettenmayer

The company Lettenmayer & Partner owns plots of land in key strategic cities in the Czech Republic. The plots of land are between 25,000 m2 and 500,000 m2 in size and are in various stages of preparedness, with a perfect connection to roads and technical infrastructure.

Plots of land owned by Lettenmayer & Partner are designated mainly for development of shopping, logistic and industrial parks.

Lettenmayer & Partner secures for and guarantees any and all permits and decisions required by legal regulations.

Sites of Lettenmayer & Partner are located on already existing or planned transport corridors, which will have a strategic significance in the future.

Lettenmayer & Partner develops selected sites on a long-term basis and with respect to the capacities of the zones it keeps providing them with further operations and activities.

Lettenmayer & Partner is a Czech private company; its German owners act independently and on their own account. The Czech market requires flexible and fast decision-making.

Lettenmayer & Partner supports and helps international successful business firms with their fast expansion into the Czech Republic.

Lettenmayer & Partner minimizes its client´s risks related to their expansion into the Czech Republic.

About us

Lettenmayer & Partner systematically and on a long-term basis develops and extends its zones of interest in the Czech Republic.

Lettenmayer & Partner controls of about 4,000,000 m2 of plots of land designated for development.

Lettenmayer & Partner is an owner of all prepared zones.

Lettenmayer & Partner has a corresponding firm structure at its disposal.

Lettenmayer & Partner has the best specialists and guarantees top quality within optimal time limits.

Lettenmayer & Partner offers top guarantees and assurances regarding the prepared zones.

Lettenmayer & Partner´s Principles

Lettenmayer & Partner as a developer honors these firm principles: competency, sureness and efficiency.

  • Leader in the Czech Republic
  • Long-term experience on the market
  • Network information system
  • High quality control
  • High qualification of co-workers
  • Long-term cooperation with reliable partners
  • Cooperation exclusively with top-ranking partners and institutions in the field
  • Friendly relations with business partners
  • 100% ownership of sites
  • Exclusively sites of 1A class
  • All speculative elements are excluded
  • Long-term processing of projects
  • High quality project preparation
  • Maximum sureness for financial partners
  • Standard, time-tested manners of concluding contracts
  • Owners of the company Lettenmayer & Partner prepare the Czech projects by themselves
  • Fast decision-making thanks to a slim organization structure
  • Partner cooperation with specialists
  • Fast response to market development and demands
  • Minimum time needed for further preparations
  • Immediate purchase possible

Our offers are designated for developers, logistics companies, investors, real property funds, project architects, industry, production, retail, services and final users.